Our custom blend of non-GMO brown rice, tapioca flour and potato starch and no added gums. Perfect for thickening sauces, baking cookies, muffins or cakes. Not recommended for making bread. $0.00
OMG. Here we go. Gluten free and vegan? Shut the front door. A generous bun that fits all your full sized patty needs. Comes frozen. Recommend toasting or warming in a pan before serving. $0.00
Single and Lava'n It Chocolate Lava Cake Mix! Keep this in your pantry for that late night chocolate fix. You can even mix it in a mug and pop it into the microwave for 90 seconds and bada-bing, bada-boom. $0.00
A best seller. Rich chocolate cake topped with a scrumptious chocolate frosting. Totally satisfying. Promise. Ships and stores frozen. $0.00
The most beautiful rosemary focaccia. Pop into the oven for 18 minutes, cool for 10. Absolute perfection. A hit with everyone who tries it. Ships and stores frozen. $0.00
Our all-time best seller. One customer swears they improve her golf game. Soft, chewy, perfectly spiced. Shipped and stored frozen, thaw as required. Shelf life of 5-7 days once thawed. $0.00
One of our best sellers. A soft, airy lemon cookie rolled in sugar. Yummalicious! Ships and stores frozen, thaw as needed. Once thawed, shelf life is 5-7 days. $0.00
Quite possibly the perfect oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Made with certified celiac safe oats, they have a lovely oat flavour. Shipped and stored frozen, thaw to serve. Shelf life 5-7 days once thawed. $0.00
The best damn pancake mix you'll ever have. For real. Simple ingredients, not too sweet. You can even make your batter and keep it in the fridge overnight for a quick breakfast in the morning. Perfect for waffles, too. It calls for eggs, milk and yogurt -- almond, coconut or soy milk and yogurt work perfectly. Keep it plant based by ommitting the egg and adding some apple cider vinegar. Instructions are on the package! $0.00
Missing pizza? Well the wait is over. Our super yummy pizza dough saves the day. Simply smooth or roll out into a 10-12" pizza, top with sauce and your fave toppings and in 15 minutes you have the best pizza you've had since going gluten free. Promise. $0.00
For the purists - moist vanilla cupcake, lush vanilla frosting. And guess what? It's also vegan. Bonus! $0.00